Fundraise for Craniocervical Instability Fund

Events have two goals: raising awareness and raising funds. You can help us! Help us and many patients by fundraising! Get your organization skills ready and raise funds. Below you can find some ideas for fundraising. Let’s create more awareness together, get undiagnosed patients diagnosed, and get doctors to do more research!

Medical office awareness

Because many healthcare professionals are not familiar with CCI, patients remain undiagnosed. You can raise awareness in healthcare professionals! Do you ever visit a medical professional from time to time? Think about your Physical Therapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath. If you visit their offices, tell the staff about CCI and share our website, social media channels and printed marketing material.

Home party

Many patients are often dealing with family and friends who don’t really understand what they are going through. So tell your family and friends about CCI! Someone else may experience some similar symptoms, or knows a friend who is suffering. It is important that as many as people know what CCI is. Maybe your friends would like to help spreading the word?

Walk, bike, run, or charity sports event

Walk, run or other sports events are very popular in the world of charities! It would be great if you find a group of friends to sponsor CCI patients at a running event. Ask other people to help you organizing the event. Many people will come to the events and support people running or cycling! Patients are probably not be able to participate, but you can definitely spread the word! During or after the event, you can collect donations. Don’t forget to ask your family and friends to wear our t-shirts or other apparel with our logo on it, which will be a great exposure! Spread our flyers and other information for every participant. A perfect way to raise awareness!

Organize a concert

Music connects people. Who is not willing to go to a concert? You can organize a concert, such as a pop music concert. Or do you prefer classical music? For those who are not able to travel, you can offer a virtual option to keep everyone involved, such as a livestream. Share it with everyone you know and on social media! Make sure people place posts or stories on their accounts. Sell your tickets online! 


Social Media Challenges

Use social media to raise awareness! Think about a challenge, use a hashtag related to CCI and spread it on your social media channels. In your video ask someone else to do the same challenge for CCI. Will your video go viral?

Bake sale

Are you ready for some sweet aromas? Do you like baking? If yes, this event is made for you! Invite your friends or family to bake the best treats, such as muffins, cake, pies or biscuits. Sell these baked goods in clubs or schools and raise funds! Very easy to organize and you’ll receive a surprising amount of cash! Also a great activity for your kids to help!


Photo contest

Build brand awareness and connect with donors by running a photo contest! Identify a theme or subject and invite donors to share photos on social media with the right hashtags. Collect the entries and upload them to a central landing page online. Ask your community to vote for their favorite photo by making a small donation. You can share the winner’s photo on your social media accounts. And maybe a local gallery would like to display the winning photo?




Funds are needed to raise awareness, sponsor research and financially support patients in their treatments. We are very happy with every donation! Thank you in advance for your loving support.