We as board members of CCI Fund started with suffering from a Craniocervical Instability (CCI) ourselves.

Not only ourselves but a lot of patients have suffered great financial loss from they affects of Cervical Instability.  Many like ourselves have lost our job, and had to pay for treatments out-of-pocket.  Still, the majority of us are left untreated, as treatments are financially inaccessible.

We would like to fund CCI research so doctors can develop more treatment options. We also aim to make it possible for CCI patients to get the proper treatments they need, by supporting them in their search for diagnostics and treatments, supported by a team of medical professionals.  

Our Mission

Our mission is raising global awareness about Craniocervical Instability and associated disorders, which is a chronic and debilitating condition that has been greatly misdiagnosed.

We would like to fund research so eventually more treatment options will be developed. We also want to support patients in their search to getting the right diagnosis and treatment for this condition. We hope to give many patients their lives back, so they can continue doing their normal daily activities and participate in society again.

Our Core Values


Each patient will have a unique case. Treatment can be a very long process. We (financially) support their medical needs in all cases.


We know what it’s like to suffer from CCI. We have developed compassion for those affected.


We try to evoke patients’ trust by listening carefully to their needs and developing knowledge of the patient.


We would like to treat everyone with the common decency we all deserve and expect.

Regenerative Practices

Listed claim the following experience:
1.  Image Guided Fluoroscopy w/ Digital Subtraction

2. Have ongoing experience treating C0/C1 & C1/C2 facet joints.

Imaging Facilities 

Growing Database of facilities that hav Cone-Beam CT, Digital Motion XRay & Report.
Upright MRI (not that most do not follow a good protocol, which we have listed in our Resource Page  for your Doctor to specifically script)

Physical Therapy:

This is not an easy one for us to promote.  We look for full patient experinece (diagnosis, imaging and outcome), as well as inquire of their EDS & CCI knowledge.

“Keeping the heads on”

“The Hidden Pathology