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Our mission to help patients getting diagnosed, increase the availability of medical diagnosis centers that can rule out symptoms of Craniocervical Instability, and fund research so more knowledge and treatment options can be developed.

Craniocervical Instability Fund

Craniocervical Instability is a chronic UNSTABLE condition of the upper cervical spine ligaments that hold the head on to the first and 2nd verebrae of your spoine.  That is overlooked by many doctors.  Not generally to their fault, it’s an area that hasn’t been well funded to look into and become part of a diagnosis list of potential reasons for symptoms.

We do not affiliate with any specific clinic.  In combing the web we have found verious docotrs who advoate and offer free clear knowledge transfer of this disease.  We are greatful to doctors such as Dr. Christopher Centeno of Regenexx, Dr. Ross Hauser of Caring Medical, Dr. Scott Greenberg of PA, and Dr. Shounuck Patel in CA and others for their contribution to share their knowledge and findings – AND SUCCESS STORIES!

We at CCI Fund are compelled to not only raise awareness to the reasons for head and neck symptoms that go undiagnosed.   Secondly, our aim in the future is to help patients by purchasing and donating newer imaging technologies such Digital Motion X-Ray, Cone-Beam CT, along with helping finance patients who have lost jobs over this pathology.

Please visit our patient stories page to see how living with CCI symptoms is and some of the patients we want to help find answers!

Please watch the Video by Dr. Centeno who made for us an easy to follow understanding of Instability.

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